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Business Management

Advisory Services

At ARES, providing management solutions to private entrepreneurs, business owners, SMEs and light industries are our core business. With a total experience of 14 years in the industry, we would like to offer you the broadest service at reasonable prices.


  • Private Individuals

  • SMEs

  • Light Manufacturing Industries

  • Construction, Architecture, Design & Engineering Offices

  • Retailers

  • Marketing & Communications Companies

Specialized Advisory



We are a boutique management consultancy firm that can provide tailor-made solutions. Just give us a call if you need any local help.

  • Business management consulting

  • Sustainable business planning

  • Data analysis and reporting

  • Market research reports

  • Preliminary case analysis reports

  • Risk engineering services

  • Claims / defects advisory services

  • Technical reports & updates

  • Computer-aided drawings

  • Site surveys and advisory services

  • Project management

  • PropTech solutions

  • Real Estate consultancy

  • Marketing / Networking activities

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