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Since our inception, ARES Management Consulting Ltd. has been totally focused on building a strategic, quality search practice in management industry.

Our target is to add value to your business and contribute to your success. Our expertise in providing cutting edge management advice for both personal and corporate clients will be our keystone.

We will take your business to next level. It's not just about numbers, we know what your money needs. Let's talk.

Muge Geyik


Muge has a MBA degree in Insurance and she has her Bachelors in Business Administration. She took various senior roles at global companies before founding ARES Management Consulting Ltd.


At ARES, our mission is to find innovative solutions and provide high quality advisory services bringing profit to our customer’s needs at a reasonable cost. Our result-oriented philosophy of work under all conditions is to build productive, efficient and long-lasting business relationships with our clients, business partners and future employees by combining high business ethics and our reliability with value-added solutions. We, as ARES Consulting, aim to build customer loyalty depending on unconditional satisfaction by delivering the quick responses and over-qualified services with competitive prices to our clients.


We, as a dynamic company aiming sustainable growth in business management industry, have the vision of being one of the prestigious and inspiring actors of consulting markets with creative, original, innovative, high-quality and value-added solutions meeting our client’s demands and needs.


Our guiding principles will be based on below elements;

  • Customer Orientation

    • We are putting our customers and their unconditional satisfaction in the centre of our commercial activities

  • Result Orientation

    • To be able to achieve best results, we put our minds and hearts into our work, and we are striving to perform above expectations

  • Competitiveness

    • We offer fast, high quality and cost-effective solutions to our clients

  • Entrepreneurship

    • We encourage initiative in decision making and adopt diverse & creative solutions

  • Sustainability and Stability

    • We believe that being successful and powerful in the future can only be possible with establishing a sustainable organization for the benefit of everyone. Therefore, our main motivation is building stable & long-term relationships based on the principle of winning together with our clients

  • Trust

    • We build relations based on mutual trust, honesty and transparency with all our clients.

  • Sharing Together

    • We work hard to create added value for all our clients, investors, employees we work to earn and share together.

  • Commitment to HSE standards and local laws

    • We take all necessary measures to ensure health, safety and security of all our businesses and its partners and we respect to environmental aspects of our projects and we trade in accordance with local laws and regulations

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